Students can audition for our dance troupe and represent our school. It is required those who are interested participate in a Jazz or Modern class. Dancers extend their dancing abilities and perform at various local events. 


Classes will include flexibility exercises, leaps + turns, technique progression

PLUS.....  Choreography in Jazz, Hip Hop + Lyrical


We are proud to announce that our New Sensation Performance Team has been invited to dance in Disney Florida in June 2013. The team will dance down main street in Disney's Magic Kingdom along with a Hollywood Studios stage performance!! They will join dance studios from across Canada, U.S.A. and Mexico.... what an opportunity for our young dancers! 

2012 - 2013 

Congratulations New Sensation! 

Junior Group A

Hannah McDougall,  Marlee Finch,  Erin McKenzie

Laura Finch,  Drew McClenaghan,  Kelsey Schives,  

Jillian McDougall,  Maddison Segeren,  Kelsey Dodman,  Katelyn Schram


Junior Group B

Leah Jardine,  Katie Klompstra,  Brianna Bogaart

Molly Bogaert,  Avery Baker,  Mya Baker


Senior Group

Demetria Attinello,  Paige Bertholds,  Danielle Bullen,  Kendra Johnston,

Emma Koehler,  Olivia Martin,  Jenna Maclean,  Taylor Nethery

Vanessa Pepper,  Taylor Russell,  Jessica Pickering

Brittany Wysman,  Stephanie Harris


We will be asking the community for help with donations and will be having several fundraisers throughout the coming year to offset the cost of the costumes and other fees that are extra to the dancers. The girls are very excited and will be proud ambassadors of their communities Blenheim and Wallaceburg. 

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