Congratulations to our 2014- 2015 Performance Teams!  

New Sensation Junior Performance Team

                    Meaghan Alves                  Rori Bennett

                   Jessica Charron                 Calleigh Constant

                   Juleena DaSilva                 Jenna Everaert

                   Kendall Foulan                   Bella Granger 

                   Jennifer Gunby                   Brooke Jardine 

                   Ciara McAdams                   Mila Vink


New Sensation Intermediate Performance Team

Giannah DaSilva                Nancy Hsiung

    Leah Jardine                   Jaden Soney


Commitment Process

Drop off a signed family contract to Pure/dmsdance office in Chatham, by Aug. 1, 2014. This contract will be your way of indicating your commitment to the New Sensation Performance Team